1. What materials are used in the production of your products?
We ensure that all of the products in our store are made using eco-friendly raw materials and processes. We take strict measures to make sure that the products are safe for children and do not contain any toxic materials.
2. Are your products ethically manufactured?
Yes. All of our products are manufactured with strict adherence to ethical considerations, ensuring the safety of all the workers and stakeholders involved.
3. Are your products eco-friendly?
All of our products are made using eco-friendly materials and sustainable production processes. Therefore, we make sure that all the products on our website are environmentally friendly.
4. Do you have a recycling program in place?
Yes, we do. We have a recycling program where customers can send back their used products to be recycled. In special cases, we also offer repair services for any damages to products.
5. How do you ensure that your supply chain is sustainable?
We work with a number of renowned and verified supply chain partners to make sure that the whole supply chain follows a sustainable and environmentally-friendly process.
6. Do you offer any options for reducing packaging waste?
Yes, we do. Customers have the option to choose eco-friendly packaging. This makes sure that there are no harmful wastes since the eco-friendly packaging is made from biodegradable materials.
7. Can I return or exchange an item?
Yes, we do have a return and exchange policy. Depending on the product, the terms and conditions of this policy may vary. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions about the return and exchange policy of any specific product.
8. How can I track my order?
You can track your order in real time using the unique order ID. This unique ID will be sent to you once you’ve successfully placed an order.
9. Can I cancel my order?
If you want to cancel a particular order, you have to send a cancellation request through our website. Please note that you have to send this request before the product is out for delivery.
10. Do you offer bulk discounts?
Yes, we do. We have a wide range of bulk discount offers on special events and days. Keep an eye out on our page to learn more about these offers.